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Complete Hospital Management System

A simple yet powerful web based management system. Doctors can manage their schedules, and delegate tasks in a blink of an eye as well as Patients can benefit from this handy tool, which helps to organize doctor visits and reminders in a convenient way

Simplifying Hospital Visits & More

Schedule Online

We ease the process of appointment booking by creating a simple tool, which can be easily assign to any doctor instantly

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Enter Insurance Info

No Wasting time in record retrival. Medication Sets for Doctor to save time.

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Add to Calendar

africaHMS generate automated report monthly and give instant stastics of any particular time, which can be very handy for a large hospital

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Visit Virtually or In Person

In-Person or Live Video Patient Consultations.

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No More Waiting Room

A design strategy show the value of the product and sevices will bring to people and describe this value to a goal. it also defines the steps you will take to achieve this goal.

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Follow Up

The main challenge was to build a solution that unifies into a single system and sorts processes that would otherwise be handled through multiple tools.

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